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2020 AHA Guidelines - Instructor Updates

Below is information from the American Heart Association regarding the required Instructor Updates for the 2020 Guidelines. All Instructors are required to complete these eLearning updates prior to teaching the New 2020 guidelines programs. These updates are available starting on the AHA Instructor Network and must be completed by February 1st, 2021. 

Before instructors can begin teaching the New AHA 2020 Guidelines for CPR & ECC, there are a few things that must be completed. These resources are located on the AHA Instructor Network.

1. Complete the FREE online AHA 2020 Guidelines Instructor Update for each discipline ( HS, BLS, ACLS, PALS, ) that you teach.
Look for this on your Instructor Network homepage and click on the ” Go to the Guidelines Instructor Update” link. 

2. You will also need to complete the FREE online “Product and Course Orientation” course. Access to this online course is the same as above.

Upon completion of this FREE online course(s), you will receive a completion certificate. Forward those certificates to

3. Once you complete the 2020 Guidelines Instructor Update(s) and the Product and Course Orientation, you will have 2 options to teach the 2020 Guidelines:

A. Teach the new 2020 Guidelines using the provided Interim Materials. Use the 2015 Course material (manuals and videos) with interim material and interim exams. This info is located on the AHA Instructor Network.
B. Teach the new 2020 Guidelines using the New 2020 Course Materials including the 2020 exams. Find 2020 materials for purchase here

4. EXAMS: AHA has released the New 2020 exams. These exams can only be used if you teach with the New 2020 Course Material. 

Interim exams can only be used if you are using the 2020 interim material. This info is located on the AHA Instructor Network.

5. eCards. AHA has New eCards formats to reflect the 2020 Guidelines. You must complete the 2020 updates listed above before you can order 2020 eCards. 2020 eCard formats can only be issued if you teach the 2020 guidelines with interim material or New 2020 guideline material.

6. Between October 21st, 2020 and January, 31st, 2021, you have 3 teaching options:
1. Continue using the 2015 Guidelines and material – 2015 eCard only.
2. Use the 2020 Interim Material – 2020 eCard
3. Use the New 2020 Guideline Material – 2020 eCard

7. All Blended Courses purchased after October 21st, 2020 will be the new 2020 guidelines and have a product code that starts with ” 20 “. Blended Courses that were purchased prior to October 21st, 2020 will be 2015 guidelines and will have a purchase code starting with ” 15 “

8. Starting February 1st, 2021, all AHA courses must be taught using the new 2020 Guideline materials, 2020 exams and 2020 eCards.

9. For those Instructors who do not complete the required 2020 Guidelines update(s) and 2020 Product and Course Orientation by February 1st, 2021, they will not be able to teach courses until they complete the updates.
For those Instructors who do not complete the required 2020 Guidelines updates(s) prior to their Instructor Card expiration, they will lose their AHA Instructor status.