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Welcome Instructors!

The Training Center (TC) web page is here to provide resources to AHA instructors aligned with EMSTAR.

Feedback Devices

By January 31, 2019 the AHA will require the use of an instrumented directive feedback device or manikin in all AHA courses that teach the skills of CPR. It must provide audio or visual feedback on the rate and depth of compressions during CPR Training. This requirement will impact BLS, ACLS and Heartsaver courses.

An Option presented to us at the BLS Course Monitoring:  Download the Full Code Pro app with metronome/timing capabilities.  This can be used with manikins that click for the depth.

Other options include : Practi-CRM (wrist monitor) , Prestan manikins (LED light indicators on shoulder) and the Little Anne QCPR manikin or upgrade kit.

Renewal Process:

  • Teach four AHA courses in the previous two years (this may include new and/or renewal classroom courses, and/or skills practice and testing sessions for eLearning courses)
  • Remember if you are due to renew your instructor certification this year (2018), you must be monitored teaching a class, by a Training Center Faculty member, prior to your renewal class.
    The new monitor forms require a signature from you, the instructor, as well as the TCF member.  (monitoring fees)   (monitor form)

  • PRINT, fill out and turn in a new Instructor Candidate Application (click here)
  • PRINT, fill out and turn in an Instructor/TCF Renewal Checklist (click here)
  • Pass the Skills Test in your discipline (not required if you have a separate, current provider card. Provide copy of provider card)
  • Pass the written test in your discipline (not required if you have a separate, current provider card. Provide copy of provider card)
  • Instructors are expected to regularly check the AHA Instructor Network for the most current information and latest updates. You must log in to the Instructor Network at least once every six months to remain active.  You will be deactivated by the network if it has been longer that six months.

If you have questions about a form, or need assistance with the submission process, please contact